About SWL Lifting Products

About SWL Lifting Products

The brand name “SWL Lifting Products” has been around since 1988 originally as a brand of SWL Crane & Hoist Ltd until 2002 at which time it became a product of Dressor Crane & Hoist a division of “The Dressor Group Ltd.”

The three main products developed under that brand name were electric chain hoists, jib cranes and gantry cranes. Our jib and gantry lines have always been designed and manufactured in house. Our electric chain hoist line has always been manufactured to our specifications in Taiwan.

As of July 15, 2015 we decided to spin this product line off into an independent company with offices in Canada and the USA.

Our jib and crane lines are pre-engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards available and welded to CSA W47-1 welding standards.

Electric chain hoists are manufactured and Certified to CE the highest European Manufacturing Standard.

Our President and CEO, Don Gordon, is our founder and has been directly involved since the beginning, October of 1987.